“Brexit”, segundo as sondagens.

Eram assim até 26 de Maio, na The Economist:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.41.12

E era assim, até 30 de Maio, no Financial Times:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.57.15

Agora, o The Guardian revelou outra sondagem em que os apoiantes da saída da União Europeia ganham terreno.

Um estudo do Global Council afirma que Portugal será um dos países mais afectados por essa decisão.

De certo modo, compreendo bem os britânicos: partilhar a soberania com uns milhares de burocratas europeus e um punhado de governos de extrema-direita é algo a que convém pôr termo, antes que seja tarde.



4 pensamentos sobre ““Brexit”, segundo as sondagens.

  1. Caríssimo Luís: “Brexit” + “Spain Splash” (ambos no fim deste mês) + “Deutsche Bank Bust” + … + … + … = Bye-Bye Europa


  2. Ontem Cameron participou num debate patrocinado pelo Sky News, um naufrágio, mais um, para o Primeiro-Ministro.
    Hoje o Guardian conta como foi , reportagem que mereceu até há instantes 1080 comentários.
    Um deles,de autoria de “Nebiroth”, merece ser lido pelo que revela sobre os estados de alma de muitos cidadãos Britânicos:

    “O que vi na ultima noite enche-me de desespero sobre o país em que vivo…”

    O texto vai em Inglês, mas merece o esforço para conseguir ler, mesmo por quem não domine bem o idioma.
    No mesmo Guardian online de hoje outro artigo, este da autoria de John Harris, vale também a pena ser lido. (2320 comentários).

    “Seeing some of that last night filled me with despair about the country I live in.

    It seems to indicate that vast numbers of the public are living in a delusion.

    They don’t have any idea of how the EU actually works at all, so they just shout “undemocratic” and “diktats”

    They are in a comfort zone of blaming immigrants for everything, because it is easier than facing up to the fact that the UK chronically underfunds it’s health services, doesn’t build enough houses

    It’s all about singing “Britannia Rules The Waves” and waving “we want our country back” and happily believing the assertions of characters like Farage and Boris.

    I never thought that the British would turn into a half-hysterical mob, exhibiting a toxic mix of ignorance, entitled arrogance and outright xenophobia.

    If we are actually mad enough to vote to leave, six months later the screams of anger and betrayal will be deafening. “You never warned us about this” – but the thing is, you were warned, and just shouted “nonsense” and “scaremongering”

    It may well be that the only way some will believe fire burns is to stick their hand in it. The British public will perhaps have to find out the hard way that “Project Fear” is really “Project Reality”, that the Eu and immigrants are not the source of all evils, and that Vote Leave was really “Project Fantasy” with chancers like Boris leading voters by the nose with expert Trump style demagoguery (he is exactly the same, with “America First”, blaming everything on Mexico, climate change denial etc) – and their only interest was to further their political ambitions.

    Boris doesn’t care if the pound crashes, if the UK breaks apart as Scotland and later Wales turn their backs in disgust on insular, arrogant, xenophobic England, he doesn’t care if our European ex-partners whose patience is finally exhausted don’t offer the fantasy scenario of “of course you can leave and simply cherry pick all the benefits that suit you on the way out” he is peddling, if England falls into recession, if our economy tanks and Chancellor Farage is forced to impose welfare cuts and tax rises that make George Osborne look like Fairy Godmother in comparison

    So long as Boris is king, that’s all that matters. He is like Lucifer, content to rule, even if it means ruling hell.

    One of the most appalling sights are people like those in the audience who are immigrants themselves, or whose parents were immigrants, going off on the usual rants about “too many of them coming over here stealing our jobs and clogging up the NHS”


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