Recomendações honestas no Linkedin.

It would be unfair to label Cory as just a project manager. On a daily basis, he’s responsible for trashing the mood of everyone around him. With an infectious can’t-do attitude and rants that I assume are related to some sort of childhood slight, Cory can tank a project just by being assigned to it. He would be an incredibly negative asset to any company.

Mais aqui.


4 pensamentos sobre “Recomendações honestas no Linkedin.

      1. Sim, há. Por exemplo, esta é um clássico:

        «How can I sum up Judy in just one paragraph? I can’t, because she will probably rewrite it. A brilliant micromanager and leader of team anxiety, she never met a project she didn’t want to take over. Judy has inspired thousands of eye rolls during her time here, and anybody that’s going to work with her deserves to be warned in advance.»


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